Comparing a mini implant to a traditional implant and crown…

” Best money I ever spent! It took one year to the day to have that crown and traditional implant on the tooth behind the mini implant and crown that you (Dr. Jones) put in ten minutes. If you ever need to have someone who is thinking about doing a mini talk to somebody who has had one, tell them to call me. ”

– R. Smith

Single tooth replacement after extraction…

” I can’t believe how good this looks! So natural! I have had so many compliments. When can we do some more? ”

– R. Wildridge

Replacing a partial denture with minis and crowns…

” I can not believe that I wore that partial for so long when I could have done this! …Not only do I not have any second thoughts, this was just about the most pleasant dental experience I’ve ever had! ”

– Bruce B.